Security Lighting

Security Lighting

Lighting ReImagined.

When it comes to security, getting the right equipment for your home or business security system is one of the most important steps to take. While many people assume security equipment means cameras, alarms, and sensors, it also means lights! With the help of Lights by Design, you can more easily get your home, business, or commercial property well-lit for security purposes and to ensure that everyone on your premises is safe, secure, and can see everything around them. Keep reading to learn more about security lighting from our team and contact us today to get a quote for your residential or commercial security lighting.

Burglar trying to break into a house

Preventing Break-Ins

If you’re worried about break ins at your home or business, one of the top ways to protect yourself, your belongings, or your assets is to get security lighting. Burglars and robbers will usually wait until they have the cover of darkness to make a move because they are less likely to be spotted by passersby, neighbors, or even security cameras. However, getting security lighting for your property can help to deter these potential issues by lighting up your space even after the sun has gone down. With constant lighting, those with negative intentions are less likely to target your property.

Security lighting on exterior of house

Illuminate Your Property

Of course, keeping your property safe with security cameras is a great way to ensure that in the event of a break-in, crime, or unexpected event, you’ll have a recording to reference or use in a report. However, without security lighting, your cameras need to have night modes so that you can get useful footage instead of dark shots of indistinct shapes. Lights by Design will help you avoid this by installing comprehensive lighting to illuminate your security camera views. With well-lit, clear images, you’ll be able to catch anything that happens on your property!

Uplighting on outside of building

Uplighting vs. Downlighting

When you’re considering lighting for your home, business building, or commercial space, you have many different options, most of which fall into two categories: uplighting or downlighting. Uplighting is when your lights are located on floors, the ground, walkways, and pathways. Because the light is diffused upward, getting uplighting will provide illumination against your home or building instead of on the ground, making it easier to see if and when a person approaches the building. Downlighting, as you may infer, is the opposite of this; lights are pointed down, sometimes even away from the building, and illuminate the ground and areas around your house or commercial building. This type of lighting is best if you have motion sensors used to turn on camera recording, if you want to be sure that your entire property is surveiled, or you have important assets to protect located outside of your building.

Get Security Lighting with Lights By Design

When it comes to getting the most out of your security systems and preventing break ins, vandalism, and other unwanted actions from others, security lighting is a great investment for your residential or commercial property! At Lights by Design, our team is focused on providing you with top-quality lights, expert installation, and an amazing customer experience. Get started with protecting your property with exterior lighting from Lights by Design today!

Whether you’re protecting your home from potential break ins or vandalism or you’re focused on ensuring that your company’s assets are secure at all times, exterior security lighting can be an integral part of your security system. Learn more about getting outside lights for your home or commercial property from Lights by Design today! Use the button below to get a quote and get started with your installation!

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